Fifty-five hundred years ago, when urbanization began
Megiddo dominated the countryside, its history begun
Occupied through the ages, everyone stopped to fight
Including the British General Allenby

A powerful Canaanite city, defeated by Thutmose III
Later Joshua fought Megiddo
Defeating the pagan king
Adding it to his list of cities taken by Israel

All through the ages
Megiddo was a wealthy place
Seized the imagination of the Biblical writer
By the hand of God declared to be an end time place

It doesn’t look too formidable
Everything appears peaceful and calm
That’s the way of evil, lulling us to distraction
But the Lord knows where the stand will be

Quiet times are for us to refocus our hearts and minds
Giving the Lord time to root out our evil ways
Letting the Holy Spirit identify and reveal
What we should confess and change

Be quick to kneel-Slow to judge
You can’t see the activity of evil swirling everywhere
But you can spend time with Jesus
Christ is our strength and joy and in Him we are wise

Clay Corvin March 24, 2008