MAKE 2022 YOUR YEAR (no matter your circumstances)

As you begin thinking about 2022, don’t get sidetracked by huge goals. Keep your focus on step by step changes, small increments, all things you can do.

  1. BE WHERE YOU ARE- Life is never livable where you are not or cannot be. Own your current situation and begin there. You are who you are and that’s the person you have to work with. One step. Next step. Keep stepping. That gets you ownership of each day. You count. Your life counts. Be usable. Be the change you have always been working on and never seem to accomplish.
  2. THIS IS THE BEGINNING – Don’t look back, you can’t change what has gone before. Don’t give up, this is now and now is where you can change and become what you have always seen yourself to be. Remember that 4,000 weeks is probably the best that anyone has in this life. Seize your weeks, all 52 of them and grab hold of your life. Move forward this counts. Remember you count.
  3. HOW YOU RESPOND GIVES YOU POWER- This is your life. You are the only one that can organize the steps that you need to take. Own your life. Start each day fresh. Be that change that you are seeking. OWN 2022!
  4. GOD LOVES YOU – God doesn’t love the idealized you. He isn’t in love with your accomplishments. He isn’t looking for you to be someone else. God created you. He chose you. He will equip you.
    a. Study your Bible- You study your Bible personally and daily. God has a Word for you each day
    b. Find a group of people to study with. Your church would be the best place but a small group works.
    c. Ask God to give you wisdom, mercy and grace for each. Live today. Knowledge isn’t wisdom. Doing your life you will need wisdom from God. Live it.