The majesty of the name of the Lord is worthy of my consideration and contemplation. His majesty is the very thing that I can relate to and have a specific feeling about.

I am constantly trying to succeed at things. But it is the failure to succeed that pulls me down and the results of success itself that encourages me to inflate my own estimation of self. Neither is ever correct. Just around the corner from failure is success. Just down the road from success is failure. Humanity lives with this reality. I experience this in my own life.

The Lord has perfect knowledge. He neither overestimates himself nor does He have a poor view of himself. In the midst of His work in me I do not disappoint nor do I elate. Majesty is indeed a proper expression for me of God’s name. My success eternally is a once and for all time choice of Him. When I choose Jesus I choose success.

The Lord sees me complete in Christ. The Father expresses absolute love for me in Christ. I will eternally receive only good from the hand of the Lord. This indeed encourages me to proclaim Majestic is your name o Lord. The Lord is good and is robed in majesty. What a God we serve!