Today in our world Christians are persecuted as much as the worst persecutions in our history.  You and I are called to follow Jesus.  We are called to change into Christlikeness.  Following and changing is in direct opposition to the direction the world is traveling.  What will we do?  Will we speak out against the problems of the day?  Every era has its own particular evil.  Sin is so pervasive. 

When Christian’s speak out against the evil of the day they will be persecuted.  Abortion is wrong and yet it is a specific example of evil in the majority.  It is such a simple problem.  Murdering babies is always, always, always wrong.  Self-centeredness permits evil to be in control.  Christianity is living as Jesus would live.  Our faith prospers in persecution and is destroyed in prosperity.  When we are weak Jesus is strong.  When we serve Christ is honored and glorified.  

I challenge you as I am challenging myself this moment.  Are you in the majority?  If your life were held up for scrutiny is their anything in your life that would identify you as a Christ follower?  If you were to die today do you know for certain where you would go?  If you do not know where you would go; go to the Word of God and in Romans 10:8-13 you will find the answer.  Jesus is Lord.