July and it’s 64 degrees for the high. Overcast but no rain. The sun peaked out from time to time. Great day for a boat ride.

Greenwich was our focus today. We took the boat from Westminster Pier to Greenwich. The ride took us 1 hour. We saw London from the Thames. Oh my but it was super. All of the bridges south, Big Ben and Parliament, and all the other sights. The warehouse conversions look fantastic. Canary Wharf is beautiful. This was an excellent day.

We walked around Greenwich for the first hour. Visited the Thirsday market. Found the TI and got a map. We did walk up to the Royal Observatory Greenwich-The Prime Meridian-0 Longitude. This is the point from which all time is measured.

The Royal Observatory is up a significant hill and we walked up it. Today was a 13,000+ step day. Carol took every step with me. Outstanding.

When we got back to London about 3 p.m. we got on the 11 bus and went up town to visit the Somerset House again and to walk around in that neighborhood.

Stopped at our Starbuck’s on Wilton Street and got back to our flat at 5 p.m. Chilly still and no rain. Another good day.