Living well
See my things
All around is wealth
My heart deceives me

Out of control
Self maintained
Refusing Jesus’ way
Calling my shots today

Seeking after fleeting fame
I want them to remember my name
Never said but always there
The drive to be in control

All around is pain and strife
Deep within I’ve lost my life
Selfish ends create the means
Stand aside for me

Strangers die
And I don’t care
I clutch my cloak
Refuse to share

Who am I to change the world?
Yet live like kings
Who’ve gone before
I want my way each day

Too late in life
I find the truth
Great wealth resides in me
Giving sets it free

Living well requires my life
I give of all I have
And treasures grow from what I give
Giving sets me free

Free to see –Free to be
Freedom now to grow
Jesus fills my soul
His life makes me whole
CC 5/15/05