Organize your life-God is first
Rid yourself of trouble and woe
Know Him, King of kings, Lord of Lords
The Lord is God and there is no other

Do those things only you can do
Stop your evil lies
Set aside your gods of pleasure
Bend your knee to Jesus-He is the way the truth and the life

Put on His righteousness-let His light cover you
Walk in faith-God loves you-He will do what is right
Know Him-make allowance for others
God chose you to represent Him in this world

Spend time with Jesus
Get to know His ways by reading His Word
Talk with Him about the Word-claim His promises to you
The Lord is God and there is no other

When you know Jesus
You will have a different attitude about life
God’s will is what you will be seeking
Christ in you is your hope of Glory

Daily reading of His Word
Many times each day in prayer
Moment by moment service
Jesus is with you

Trust God-let Him change your attitude
Living a life that expects the best
Requires Christ in you
The Lord is God and there is no other

Clay Corvin 11/7/09