Listen as the Lord speaks
Heed the words He says
Stand still as He honors you
His grace will make you real

Be not filled with a lying heart
Let your sin go by
Each of us is subject to
An inner drive to hurt

This is the day of joy and peace
Now is the time to claim
All the Christ is offering you
Quit blaming others, that is so lame

Be the one that bends the knee
Heed the words He says
For words from God are very strong
Giving strength to live

Do not let the enemy
Tell you you don’t count
Jesus death has paid your price
Your life is a gift from God

Walk on through this life with love
Whatever your place might be
Knowing that the Lord of all
Is with you each step of the way

Listen as the Lord speaks
His love is aimed at you
Live your life abundantly
Jesus will see you through

Clay Corvin 12/15/06