What a thing
This life I have
Gift from God
Especially to me
Making me His child
Living and free

Free to be His servant
Sharing things I see
All those times with Jesus
Are things I share
Direct from Thee
With all of those I see

The very best of who You are
Is found in me
Because Your life is planted
In the new heart given to me
So that I can share my life
With others seeking for Thee

In the heart of each of us
A push to be like Christ
I can share this push from God
By living unto Thee
Giving to those You send
Letting them see me

Surprises to me
Are not to You
You know all that will come
I use those times of chaos
To listen to You speak
And in Your speaking see

Reaching out to let You
Handle all my life
Power, strength and wisdom
Given freely to me
So that Your plan for me
Will glorify You

I’m willing to be Your servant
I’m willing to walk in Your strength
Speak through my experience
Help me walk with You
And keep on living in victory
As I let You use me
CC 3/12/05