Christ came to earth
Looking for you
Each of us included
As He sought to set us free

Yet the average person
Flees from Christ
Jesus come and save us
We want to be free

I know what it’s like to be alone
Working hard and on my own
Seeing all I’ve done accuse
My life then was built on sand

Then you came and saved me
A gift I couldn’t give
Free from the hand of God
Freedom for me to live

Courage was your first step
Helping me see
How little what I did
Could ever help me

Wisdom was your work
Giving me ears
To hear and see the plight of man
We have so little to give

I gave You my life
You gave me a new heart
And came to dwell within me
So that every moment would count

Each of us can come
And claim the gift of life
A gift You will not reclaim
It’s is given for us to live

Eternal life lives in me
Jesus gives me the way
To face each and ever choice
That leads to Him each day
CC 2/26/05