Worry, dread and suspicion
I feel I’m on my own
Jesus knows my troubles
He created me for God

All around are tigers
Seeking to devour
I am just an infant
The spiritual world’s afire

Christ makes me a priority
Calling out my name
He has come a looking
The Father has proclaimed

Proclaimed that I am worthy
Jesus paid for me
His death on lonely Calvary
Provided life for me

He saw me in my struggle
Across 2,000 years
Jesus knows my painful need
The solution is in Him

Looking up to Jesus
I listen as He speaks
I am in a pickle
I’m living in defeat

Victory is mine
I have asked Christ in
His life is what I needed
His word makes me grow wise

Hurry up and listen
The choice belongs to you
Ask my Lord and Savior
To give freedom to you
Clay Corvin 8/6/05