I look at life
Thru eyes of pain
Bemoaning all my heartache
Why me I complain?

Standing with the Lord of Hosts
I’m reminded of His strength
All the power He will give
If I will ask Him how to live

Turning from the fear and dread
Those evil days condoned
Knowing now I’m not alone
Jesus has made me His own

Let the history fall away
Today begins a brand new way
Drop the thoughts condemning me
Jesus Christ has set me free

Now is when my heart is free
Joy and peace roll over me
Christ is King and Lord of all
Obeying Him is key

To live a life direct from Christ
Giving me eternal advice
So that I can be
The that He created me

Facing days of trouble and strife
I bend my knee to the eternal Christ
Standing up with courage
I can be the one I see

My life is His in me
Freedom reigns and service gains
The world cannot defeat me
Jesus Christ is Lord of me

Clay Corvin