Waiting for the shoe to drop
My life, my heart on hold
Ordinary life in limbo
The unknown is hard to hold

Facing who knows what
Without confidence of strength
What is it that changes me?
How can my courage grow?

Christ is all and in all
He has my best interest at heart
Only Jesus can fill my soul
With strength and joy that will hold

Through all of the vagaries of life
The stress of ticking minutes
Dimly lit vistas
And a mind like swiss cheese

I can trust Christ
He says He will stand with me
His Word is sure and true
My life rests in His hands

Believing this I step forward
Today is the Lord’s day
I don’t know what will unwind
I do know the ONE

Jesus is worthy of my adoration and praise
Jesus is able to make my heart sing with joy
His peace pervades my whole
Jesus is in control

Clay Corvin March 26, 2011