Life can be a misery
Difficult to see
All around is heartache
People bother me

Never a dull moment
Fear on the prowl
The Lord loves His children
He is here right now

Here to cure my heartbreak
Here to give advice
Here to listen to me
As I whine about my life

Here to give direction
Here to stop my sin
Here to equip me
To care for others in sin

I am Jesus beloved
I belong to the Lord
Every step of living
Takes me closer to discord

But Jesus is the answer
For all the things I face
Christ is here with me
To help me face disgrace

He knows all about me
All the times I fail
Hearing me proclaiming
I will never fail

And then in the rubble
Jesus rebuilds my life
I belong to Jesus
Christ is my life

Clay Corvin 10/02/04