You need to know that Jesus is coming soon
He isn’t limited by our time, no hours, days and weeks
Since Christianity began the testimony has been
Be ready, Jesus is coming soon

What you do and can do is important
Our lives aren’t measured by anything but Jesus
Jesus is God’s everything and He created you
He has a purpose in life for you that only you can do

Think about your salvation
Who led you to Christ?
How many others have come looking for you?
Where would you be if that servant of God hadn’t come to you?

Do not waste time by complaining about your plight
Whether easy or light
Or heavy with no delight
God has a job for you and it counts with an eternal weight

Your job must be done now
It must get done before then
Then will be too late
Jesus is coming soon

Don’t short change your family
I’ve been there and done that
Lift them up to Christ, as though their life counted
It does and so does yours

Treasure your friends
They are a gift from God
Our best tool against discouragement
Stay close to friends, they will help you complete your task

You have exactly the right amount of time
There are no mistakes in Christ’s family
Don’t let the enemy get over on you, Jesus loves you
Jesus is coming soon

Clay Corvin (written in Jerusalem, Israel) Jan 9, 2009