Jesus came speaking
Words we had not heard
Telling us of heaven
Revealing evil’s plot

Eternal condemnation
For those that stay with self
Eternal friendship with us
If we choose Jesus way

Man is a complex creature
Yet life is very plain
We live today by God’s good grace
Tomorrow never plays

Danger, fears and options
Daily rear their head
My friend Jesus loves me
He gives me a cool head

I’m here on a mission
He told that I count
Victory is within me
As I surrender my account

Jesus speaks His Words of life
They guide me through each day
Steadily heading home to Him
My mission is on the way

He will never leave me
Relationship is His gift
Uniting me to the Father
He will never let me slip

Words of wisdom always hidden
Until Jesus came to share
God loves me forever
Christ is here to stay
CC 5/15/05