The Gospel of Mark presents the activities of Jesus
Fast paced, not concerned about the finer points of theology
Just the facts please
All about what Jesus did

Christ came preaching salvation
Repent and believe in the Gospel
Change your mind, change your direction
The Lord is alive and He loves you –

Turn away from your sin
Don’t try to hold your sin with one hand and hold on to Jesus with the other
It won’t work – Our Lord is a jealous God and He wants us
Service and obedience – one master – one way

Turn to Jesus – It is a different way than we have walked in the past
Christ is calling us to believe in Him and live in His family
Jesus will meet your needs, He will not leave you alone
Christ is all and in all – He is the almighty God

Christ is calling soul winners; others need Jesus just as much as you and me
The first thing the Apostles did after Jesus saved them was share their faith
They faithfully shared about what Jesus had done in their heart
When we know Jesus we want to tell everyone about HIM

Christ is healing physically, emotionally and spiritually
The rabbis fussed about how to wash cups
Jesus threw demons out of the possessed
Christ was concerned about people; religion is concerned about things

Sin is the separator; all have sinned
Sin is despicable, evil, destructive, preying on mankind
Christ forgives our sin; He came seeking our best good
Jesus is victorious over sin; Christ brings us into the Family of God
Clay Corvin March 1, 2014