Life has daily struggles. Sometimes more than we can handle.
The future shoulders in and the past overwhelms.
God handles our needs. Even before we ask.
My need is clarity. How can I handle today?

Christ says He has faced the loneliness I sometimes feel.
He knows my heart and my pain. He bore all my sins.
His death, resurrection and seated at the right hand of God qualify Him to rescue me.
Salvation brought me into His family. I belong to the Lord.

He knows my pain, not a pain but in fact and truth, my pain.
I walk with Him. I talk with Him. I experience His presence. I listen to Him.
My life pace is confusing. Jesus helps me sort out my mess. He touches the heart of the issue.
I need to come clean with Him. Confess my sin, all my sin, and seek to glorify God.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. His joy and peace like a river flows to me.
I must stop, look and listen. He is my peace. He is my joy.
Do not worry. Jesus says this again and again.
I present myself to the Father in Christ and can know that He is for me.

The Lord has given me a job to do. Bottom line I am to glorify Him.
Time with Him. Gratitude to Him. Listen to Him. Serve people. Be pliable.
Things change. He is calling me to change. Grow in Christ likeness.
Be His hands and feet. People need help. They are lonely. I can help.

Helping others requires me to be focused on Jesus. Filled with the Spirit.
Learn to listen. Say little and grin a lot. People don’t want to know what I know.
They want me to care. That means I become a good listener. Humble myself. Mouth shut.
When I am at peace that communicates to hurting people. My joy in Christ uplifts them.

This is a big step forward for me. Give my pain and emotions to Jesus. Let Him be my friend.
Closer than a brother. Taking my ego. Setting aside my selfishness. Jesus use me.
A Christ like lifestyle requires daily renewal. I tend towards sin most of all.
Forgive me Lord. Cleanse me from a sinful attitude and sinful actions.

I keep the Son in my eyes. I bend the knee to the Lord’s call.
People need Jesus. People need a friend. Begin in prayer.
Focus on Jesus and how He would approach this situation. Be it. Do it.
Today Jesus is Lord. He fills me. He guides me. He is in control. He is my friend.

Clay Corvin
June 30, 2021