IT ISN’T HARD (1 Kings 8:1-66)

It isn’t hard to ignore the Lord, we feel so accomplished and complete
Hurting all over, ignoring our defeats
We maintain a sense of eternity, no rational reason for belief
But we do believe, Jesus is our strength-HE is God’s everything

Night rolls into day, time flies by-leaving our good intentions high and dry
What was that I purposed, evil disrupts our thought flow
I once thought I could serve the Lord, but so quickly old
Now it must be done, it is deceptive how easily I forget

It isn’t hard to ignore the Lord; the Bible is so straightforward
Promising good to me, How the Lord can use me
But so often I miss the intent, like the Apostles my heart isn’t heaven bent
Walking with Jesus I miss the AWE, Christ is all and in all-HE LOVES US

Change happens while we are living life, it sinks into our pores
As we go we listen and learn, as we go our thoughts spring from His heart
Action is key for thinking isn’t doing, get our heart, hands and feet involved in service
The Lord wants us to be a help to all we see, service and obedience hand in hand

It isn’t hard to ignore the Lord, when I understand the Bible is as current as today
I read His Word closely, knowing it was meant for me as a guide for living
Lord change me, no longer ignoring the Lord – He speaks to me
“Love one another, bend your knee in service” Christ counsels me

Clay Corvin June 11, 2014