Weary bones
Hungry eyes
As we discovered Rome

All ahead
Flight behind
What would my week hold?

I want to know more about Jesus
More of what drove Paul and Peter
To walk to their death
Praising and glorifying the Lord

The world ruled
With a Roman hand
Christians were charred
And Christianity spread

I want to know about big cities
Majestic cities of old
Stone cold and powerful
With a wealth that turned to dust

I want to see the ancients
To hear about their lives
And see their work
What can I use today?

I want to try the food
Smell the smells
And walk all their streets

I want to build this journey
Into a masterpiece
That I can filter and relish
For many years to come

And I want to see Jesus
And listen as He speaks
Of His love for me

03/19/04  Clay Corvin