I stand amazed in the presence
God loves me so
My life is just a jumble
The Lord knows where I should go

His hand is on my spirit
My focus helps me see
His work in many places
Of this life I seek to be

I want and need and look for
The Lord patiently cares
He knows the steps to victory
He will gently lead me there

Tomorrow always beckons
Fear and concern at large
His peace is my passport
For living life at large

Where ever He shall lead me
Any place I lay my head
Is the place of peace and victory
The Lord is there, I’m blessed

When ever I start to worry
I stop my racing mind
I ask my Lord and Savior
Please give me your time

He listens as I ramble
It’s this and that I’m sure
He knows my need of comfort
His hand is my cure

I listen to His protection
Reminding me He cares
Offering me His victory
Joy is mine to endure

I don’t know the outcome
But I know that it will be with Him
Humility is my watchword
Jesus Christ is here
Clay Corvin 11/14/04