I heard of your faith in Christ Jesus
I know the struggle you will face
Life is never easy
Our faith does not erase the pain

We seek to know the Lord Jesus
Knowing Him is life eternal
It reaches through our heart and mind
Enabling us to love our brother as ourself

When we love one another
Our faith will manifest itself
In the way we treat one another
In the way we act towards your

We want to be like Jesus
He fills our heart and soul
With joy and power to sustain us
Christ will be our daily goal

He gives us power
Wonderful Godly power
So that we might stand fast for the Gospel
Proclaim it with all our might

Power enables our patience
Be loving and kind to all
From the brawler to the servant
Christ has His hold on our life

Thanks be to our Holy Father
Jesus is in control
Thanksgiving becomes our motto
It creates holiness for our soul

CC March 27, 2010