I was thinking about retirement. I had served for more than twenty-five years at the Brantley Center Homeless Mission in New Orleans. There were many tough years. Lord look how well I had served. My work had become predictable, rewarding and safe. Tomorrow looked like today. Then Hurricane Katrina hit. It will never be the same.

I was stunned, speechless and confused. The future no longer looked bright and shining. Heaven looked much better than it ever had. I really just wanted to sit on the sideline and let the world pass me by. Deep inside was anger, disappointment and hurt. How could this happen to me. Then gradually, slowly the questions stopped. It is what it is. Life is not mine to contain. Life is mine to serve.

A lemon is slowly but surely becoming a sweet lemonade. Miracles are happening all around me on a daily basis. The hand of God is visible in ways that I had never seen. Jesus makes life precious. My prayer is “Lord make my words gentle, gracious and kind for tomorrow I may have to eat them.”

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Clay Corvin