I spend time with Christ
Listening to His Words
Reaching inside of me
So that truth will be heard

My passions push my heart
Christ gives me strength
To not do those things
That put me on a losing street

I want to be the one
That uses all he has
To serve the Lord on earth
To end sin’s evil work

All of those I serve
Have needs that ache for Christ
The best thing I do
Is treat them like royalty

Each of us is birthed
With sin entwined in us
Jesus seeks to free
His people from this birth

That sin stain in me
Is always reaching out
My walk with Jesus Christ
Will deal with the sin in me

All of those I see
I was sent to care for them
The way that I live
Will give them hope in Christ

All of those I know
Know how weak I am
But Jesus sets me free
To do His work for you