War rages
Around me
It’s in my head
It will not let me be

Moving and bobbing
Hiding from view
The war is here
Destruction is near

Jesus lives
To free my soul
Fighting evil
Power for my heart

Never far
Willing to give
His strength to me
So that I can live

Live and share
Live and grow
Knowing my Lord
Knowing my role

He calls me near
To build me up
Wisdom and grace
To stand the hurt

And then I live
Knowing He lives
Surrendering my heart
To freedom’s way

Every day is new
Each battle rages into view
But when it hits
Christ will deal with it

I can work and play and grow
Knowing my Christ
Will not let me go
His power is present-Christ lives
Clay Corvin 11/13/04…Acts 1-02