Peace, peace
Each of us looking for peace
Seeking it in strength, money, goods, friends,
There is no peace in the world
Peace is impossible without Christ
Jesus makes all things possible

Jesus is our peace
Bringing us near to God
Christ broke down the wall of barrier
Walking through it reaching for us
Go and speak the Good News
Christ has come with new life
His shed blood pays the price of sin
Uniting us with the Father in the church

Christ is our peace
Speaking peace to mankind
Jesus walks with us and talks with us
Christ is alive and well
He knows our pain and our sin
Yet gives of Himself
Suffering for us so that we might have life

His gift is life
Power, truth, and joy
Peace comes from Jesus
Christ will make sure we understand
Living in Jesus is the right choice
Thru Christ we have access to the Father
Jesus indwells us
Let Jesus have your heart

Clay Corvin, October 8, 2011