Working through the ages
People come and go
Now I’m here with Jesus
He already knows

Knows the way things happen
Knows my desires
His plan is goodness
He calls me to His side

From the hand of Jesus
I get my strength
His hand is always leading
So that I will not sink

My burdens can distract me
But Christ cleanses my soul
Giving me His goodness
His life will unfold

As He builds a friendship
He gives me a Word
To know the way He’s leading
So He can be heard

He has a plan
That fits my soul
Filling out my yearnings
He gives me His goal

His goal is reaching people
So that they can be
Free from evil’s clutches
Free from a darkened soul

He has a plan
For each and every one
His plan maps out our journey
Until our work is done

Clay Corvin 10/30/04