Traveling ___at best relaxing
Covering civilizations
Minutes make up centuries
We walk in ancient footsteps

The trip an experience
A cross section of events
Overwhelming our senses
Sorting them out in a few days

Yet we will be complete
Stirring scenes to report
As we study hard
Filling in a lifetime of dreams

Foundations built on Jesus
Touchstones fill our minds
Teaching from the dawn of faith
Beckon us to come and see
To think about what we can be

He gave His life for me
God prepared the time
This thought drove Paul
So that I might be free
Ancestors pointing to me
Telling me that Jesus loves me

Preaching and teaching in the world we see
A world overcome with sin and strife
Are their lessons here?
I seek to know and be clear

His calling is right now
As difficult as it may seem
We face the very same evil
That Paul spoke against
In Christ I am free

Clay Corvin