Praise the Lord in everything you do
Jesus is alive and He loves you
Express your joy by how you live
Rejoice every day
Singing to God our Father
In a multitude of ways

Power in His Word
Read it, remember it, respond to it
The Word of God is our guiding light
Powerful enough to fix our life
Claim His Word, Surrender to His will
Nothing can separate us from Jesus

Nations are in the hands of God
The headlines express their power and might
The Lord laughs because He knows the truth
A nation in rebellion against God will lose
A nation under God will survive
Do not be confused for God will not be surprised

Come children of God and hear
The Lord is near
Your life is in His hand and He loves you
Live free and serve the Lord
Live wisely and it will go well with you
Hope in the Lord for He is worthy of all of our Hope

Clay Corvin
August 13, 2011