Love is God
And God is love
He came to man
From heaven above
To break the reign of sin
Equipping the weakling to win

Filling each and everyone
By grace the strength of God’s Son
Filled with peace and joy for life
Giving man His best advice
In Jesus the victory is won
He breaks the chains of sin
Letting man see God again

No longer must we cringe
The future doesn’t hinge
On how hard we work
Or how much we have
Jesus is God’s gift
Making us rich in Him
Able to face the fight
That life brings left and right

Every day is new
Every battle we face
God will fight for you
No longer will you be disgraced
What you are is what He gave
Your value in life
Is because you are saved
And soon one day
You will stand with Him
Then you will know
What by faith He bestowed
Victory in the face of sin

CC 12/11/04