Going to the Gates of Hell
At Caesarea Philippi
Caused me to think
About the way I live

Convenience is a factor
Luxuries are required
Fashioning my lifestyle
As the center of the world

Demanding my ego
Always be assuaged
Wanting my way
At the end of the day

Looking out at others
Seeing them as tools
I can use for profit
Or theological abuse

Refusing equal value
For all that I meet
Defining my relationships
By things I can defeat

People are not chattel
Man is evil and weak
In Christ the Savior
A person becomes complete

Value and worth
Come from God
The Holy Spirit leading
To make people first

Flesh and blood are dying
Economies ebb and flow
But when we come to Jesus
Our spiritual life will grow

Life is a gift from God
Spiritual life a birth
If Jesus is our master
People are of worth

01/07/04   Clay Corvin