FOLLOW HIM (1 Peter 2:21-25)

Follow me, Christ said, simply, completely, without dread, eternity begins
A challenge, a call, a condemnation for those that stall, turning away to their own pursuits
Follow me, Jesus said, we choose, our actions tell our path, talk is not an action
Follow me, make me a priority, I am the center and will draw mankind to me
Nothing pleases Jesus and the Father like our obedience, a simply act of priority
God first and nothing else compares, following Christ is our legacy, His well done
Follow me in prayer His actions told, a man of prayer first, the Father’s will His goal
Prayer changes us, outfits us, makes us useable, prayer is indispensable, Pray, pray, pray
Follow me Jesus said, people always count, little children, the poor and widows first
People count with Christ, look at His life, He went to the cross and died for people
His every action spoke of the importance of the lost, the mean, the hated, God loves
Christ was pure of mind, pure of speech, pure in His actions
Follow me Jesus said, in purity and perseverance, endure to the end, your life counts
Follow me He said, so that all might know, eternity without me is forever apart
He heals broken hearts, sets the captive free, gives sight and light, salvation for you and me

Follow me every day, shout it to the roof tops so that all might hear
His footsteps are before us, Jesus said, Follow me.

Clay Corvin December 13, 2008