Florence just ahead, once a Roman camp
Built on the Via Cassia, to connect with Rome
Now the Duomo crowns its architectural skyline
Florence before the Renaissance was just a place to move

Then it came, that moment in time when people and events crossed
All of Europe looked to Florence for brilliance blossomed there
The statute of David, the Academia, so many things
Florence was happening, the Medici’s wanted to run things

Now we’ve walked the streets and heard the lore
A city of beauty that offers much more
A love hate relationship with the Arno
Ponte Vecchio guarding the central shore

Lives can be like that, beautiful on the outside but old
We can live in what we think is perfect control, then one day
It all changes in the flickering of an eye, the world is that kind of place
You and I were born to die, this is a truth we cannot deny

The journey is up to us, we can follow the world and its lust
We can change and follow Jesus, putting others first
The joy of life is what we give, the more we give the more we have
The results of a life well lived is made up of people to whom we give

Clay Corvin