Fear stalks me; it chills my spine
Everyone I know; thinks I’m fine
I can’t tell them; the abuse and pain
Nothing frees me; the world turns its back on me
I don’t count; fear stalks me

Fear stalks me; childhood a sad blur
Heartless days; nights that wandered eternally
What can I do?; nothing to lose
I’ve dreamed; all dashed by reality
Failure is my quest; fear stalks me

Fear stalks me; no job, no hope
Nothing works; streets call out my name
Heartache and pain; the cold destroys
Tomorrow the same as today; each day worse
Hate and drugs the only change; fear stalks me

Fear stalks me; I live my life so badly
Inane and cruel; nothing to admire
Bored with living; what is the use
Trash and helplessness; drugs my only relief
Even my dreams despise me; fear stalks me

Hope calls my name; He said I count
He died on a cross; To prove His love for me
No one else ever cared; He came to me with life and light
I can see; Jesus loves me
No longer alone; Christ is my home
He changed me; A new heart; A new life
I have everything I need in Jesus; Fear no longer stalks me

Clay Corvin 1/25/15