Fear not the angel said
Fear sidetracks us
Claims our attention
Takes the focus off of Jesus
Jesus meets us at the point of our fear

Mary faced the fear of inadequacy
Unmarried, unwed, a virgin
Pregnant, maybe 14 or 15, skepticism, Son of God
What was she to do? What was happening?
This precious child to be Messiah? Do not fear!

Joseph faced the fear of disapproval
Fiancé pregnant, a virgin? No relations!
It’s God’s child? How can you explain?
I’ll break off the engagement, that’ll fixit
In a dream-Joseph do not fear! The child is from God

What faith these two had. They believed God
Their belief was an action belief
Doing as the Angel said-do not fear
Continuing the engagement
Joseph went to Bethlehem where Christ was born. Do not fear!

Unexpected change for the shepherds-suddenly an angel appeared
A scary sight, a scary night, Shepherds guarding their flock
Do not fear, we are from God, we’ve brought you good news-A Savior is born
They were not looking for God-He showed up – Remember God is Sovereign-
He is working out history before our eyes-do not fear

All is calm, all is bright-NOT- the angel had to declare do not fear
Surrender your life completely, let Jesus have control-begin each day this way
Take your fear to the Lord-fear is sin-surrender your sin
Praise God-develop an attitude of gratitude-do with what you have
Claim every one of those 7,000 plus promises in the Bible-they belong to you

In all things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us
Claim His love and love those you are with
Be God’s love in this world, gracious and quick to forgive
Let Jesus work in your mind and in your heart – know that the world is a hard place
Jesus is Lord and Creator – He knows all things – He knows you – FEAR NOT

Clay Corvin – December 23, 2017