We think about God in our terms
So limited – So disappointing
Why this and why that -God should do this
God doesn’t exist – God does exist like this
Did God? – How can God?
I can’t imagine God would – and yet we have no imagination
Our intellect is limited to words, even music is sorely limited
God will understand my little indiscretion
If someone else did it we would declare it a major sin
Oh Lord how poorly we think

Paul speaking for God to the Saints who are faithful
Declares GRACE and PEACE from God
Providing salvation for us prepaid
God sees me through this GRACE
Seeing my failures, faults and flaws
Declaring in Jesus I am forgiven
He gives me His peace – I’m part of His family

Satan and his evil minions may haunt the heavenlies
Our struggle is sin
Jesus has conquered sin including Satan and his minions
We are free in Christ
When the Lord assigns us a call
Before our first step begins – every resource we will need is already there
Jesus – Creator, Lord, Confessor, Savior, Healer and much more
Jesus loves you and me and each one of us as if there is no other
Christ is all, in all, first of all, Lord of all and He loves you and me

Clay Corvin August 16, 2014