It is hard for people to believe God
We want to do it our way
Our time, our victory
Our results never quite work out right
Jesus is Lord-He offers us salvation- Life like God’s life

Betraying Christ-we listen to what the world wants
Their rules their morals even when they are in direct opposition to the Father
What will we get even though we are seeking good
Reaping the whirlwind, sowing the seeds of doubt and despair
Look around you; everywhere people are in chaos

Saved by grace
Powered by Christ
Seek out the hurting, care for the weak, listen to the lonely
We have a choice – my way or His way
Surrender to Jesus – He loves you

Ritual sacrifice, in word and deed do not mollify God
We are called to salvation-surrender to Jesus-have faith in the Lord
Strive for submission-the Lord isn’t interested in what we can do for Him
He is seeking those that will bend the knee to Him all their life-He is Lord
Useable, obedient, faithful, growing-I make my choice for YOU LORD

Clay Corvin April 18, 2015