Saul disobeyed the Lord, but obedience is better than sacrifice
We try to manage God, thinking HE is just a much bigger version of us
The Lord said “Obey me”, not to put us down but to lift us up
We think we know better, get impatient and run ahead of God
When we reject the Word of God, His Word rejects us

Samuel followed God, even when he was scared, willing to obey unto death
Often obedience comes with a high price now, and eternal reward later
When we don’t understand and obey, we are being faithful, we don’t have to understand
But we do have to obey, out of our obedience we discover significant things about our self and God
The Lord is good all the time and all the time He is good, there is victory in knowing the Lord

Build your spiritual strength, obedience puts you on the right track
Out of our daily walk comes wisdom to live life and mercy to deal with our hard hearts
His grace poured out upon us keeps us close, renewed and usable
Living for the Lord develops our understanding of sin and the wisdom to avoid it
Jesus in you is your hope, He is God’s everything

Deep in your heart you yearn to know the Lord and purpose to serve the Lord
That is a person after God’s own heart, He can use you and He will
David knew the Lord and knew that in life the battle is always the Lord’s battle
He had it in his heart to obey the Lord and you do too!
Surrender your daily habits to Jesus and let Jesus guide you step by step

Obey Him, obey His Word, search for Him without reservation
Purpose in your heart to do whatever He says and He will not leave you alone
All of us must deal with sin, that evil giant of sin is all around, it intimidates us
Especially since we have developed a refined ability to sin-but the battle is the Lord’s
Let go and let Jesus fight all of your battles, He is victory, obey the Lord and follow Him.

Clay Corvin       August 6, 2016