God is complete – Knowing the end from the beginning
He has a plan – His plan includes us
Sinner beware – Our God is a burning flame
Bend the knee – Repent of your self-centered ways
Our God is an exclusive God – Jesus claims all of us

God is love – His love knows the results of our sin
Disastrous world for mankind – Jesus stepped into our world
He lived a perfect life – To the Cross, To His death, For our sin
Christ paid our price – Once and for always, His death created our life
Now we are alive in Jesus – He is Lord of us and Lord of all, praise God for His love

God is not fooled – Man’s laws do not change God’s Word
Sin is always sin – Adultery, homosexuality, transgenderism, addictions, self
Jesus calls us to know – He will give us His strength to change and succeed
Christ gives the church – His church not the man made civil religion of our day
We are to quit our unfaithfulness – Stand with Jesus and He will stand with us

God is here – every day we face pain, anguish, sickness, death of loved ones
There is a constancy of evil that we ward off – It is tough and it is tiring
In this world we will face all the heartache of life – Jesus is with us, caring for us
Do not weary brothers and sisters – God is not mocked and He sees what is happening
He cares for you – He will never leave us or lose us – One day soon He is coming back

Clay Corvin   August 26, 2017