Clay & Carol’s European Adventure

We have spent a lot of time getting everything ready. Carol is packed. All of the necessary medicines have been put together and ready to pack. I will pack tonight and in the early morning. I’m finishing things at the office today. Tomorrow we will travel Southwest Air to Fort Lauderdale and overnight at the Airport Holiday Inn Express. I’ve really made sure that we squeeze every dollar a couple of times for value. I noted that the Euro is bouncing between 1.30-1.32 the last several weeks so that also is good.

I can’t remember us every being away from home thirty plus days (that of course would exclude Katrina when we were all exiled in Atlanta for five months.) I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the fact that we are taking a sabbatical. My prayer is that we will renew ourselves during this time away and be more productive when we return to work.

I hate to leave Jimmy and Retia here with us traveling. Usually they have traveled with us. Don Richard will make sure that they are doing fine. Don has been so great in going to see Jimmy just about every day. He and Trish have visited Retia regularly.

Our son Adam has been traveling in Turkey and Greece and will return at 10 p.m. tonight. He gets back just in time for us to leave.

Please pray with us while we are traveling from April 29 to August 3, 2009. I am praying that everything will go smoothly and well. That neither of us will get sick. No sea sickness as we cross the Atlantic on the Prinsendam. That Jimmy and Retia recover quickly. That NOBTS fall enrollment will be up. That Doc and Rhonda have a good summer. That the campus will be safe and incident free. That MissionLab have its best summer. That WBSN really does well. That Libby enjoys her new city and married life. That New Orleans will be hurricane free this year. That August would be cool and not so terribly hot. That you grow in Christ. Jesus is Lord. Blessings to you.