God cares for me
Giving me a sense of worth
Putting confidence in me
And kindness towards you

When we meet
I choose to give of myself
To speak of life
And what it can be

Knowing of the world’s attacks
Each one of us has needs
To be, to do, to feel worthwhile
I can give respect to you

If I can find a way
I will share myself with you
Giving you a word
Of worth and respect and joy

Remembering Christ came for you
He died because of his love for you
Your life is great and has value
God loves you

For some it’s easy
To find the good
For others I must look
And find it where I can

Then the day will come my way
You will speak and say
A word of encouragement to me
What a joy to share my life

Knowing that God’s love is true
He spoke of you
And we have shared His care
Encouragement is part of you