Carla “Contessa de Guide”

Carla, you have blessed us
As you have shown us Rome
We owe you admiration and respect
Thank you for helping us see Rome

We’ve grown with you teaching
Our hearts are filled with thoughts
We wanted to tell you
That you have blessed our souls

You are a gifted guide
Insightful and skilled
At leading groups through history
And through the Roman hills

You bring life to your subject
Your animation enlightened us
Grabbing our attention
Encouraging us

A bright and shining teacher
An outstanding, capable guide
Who inspires her pupils
To think and grow wise

Sensitive to our questions
Equipped to discuss your Rome
You prepared our minds
So that we could walk and see your home

Strong and energetic
Flexible and tireless
You invested your heart
Thank you for your time

Carla of Rome
You are a Contessa de Guide!
We will not forget you
You’ve blessed our time in Rome

Clay Corvin 3/23/04