Roman, Byzantine, Crusader
Choose your age of study
Caesarea was important to each
Today it is ruins and sand

Don’t be fooled by its look
Once it stood graceful and rich and cruel
The wealth of the world flowed through here
Making this country work

Herod, what a despot
Built and built and built
Safer to be a pig in his household than a child or a wife
Named his new port city after Caesar, seeking to curry favor

Paul came here under guard
Accused and abused Paul claimed Caesar’s review
The Holy Spirit sometimes leads us through tough times
The end result was Paul’s great ministry in Rome

Caesarea we are here to look at you
Remembering those persecuted by Rome
Claiming the power of Jesus as Christians have through the ages
Life is in God’s hands and we have seen His work right here

Clay Corvin March 24, 2008