You have heard the Gospel
Standing by its fire
Warmed by others
Sheltered by their prayers

Only you can claim Christ
It is a personal responsibility
I may want it for you
Only you can act to claim Christ

Everyday is a journey
We can grow in Christ
Claim each one of His promises
Seek to serve with your life

Always people ignore us
So many seem to have it good
Yet life is lived each moment
You must claim your good

It’s not enough to be here
It’s not enough to care
Only you can claim Christ’s Gospel
To change your life and care

Care for those hurting
Care for those without
Care for the downhearted
Jesus equips us to care

The Lord counts our numbers
Not by what we own
He counts our hearts commitment
And lives that give all they own

Claim Jesus as your Savior
Claim Him right now
Your life will be His journey
Living through you today

All those things you’ve wanted
All that you knew you could be
Find fulfillment in Jesus
He lives His life in thee

Clay Corvin 12/05/04