I caused His death, Jesus died for me
My hard headed, evil ways, caused the Lord to plan the Cross
It was the only way He could deal with my sin
The way of the Cross, burdened Him
He knew my pain, deep and wide
He knew my stubborn discontent, He felt it before I was born
He knew my need in my mother’s womb at 16
There was nothing unknown about me
Although in my mind I seemed so wise and decisive
I was only impudent, blind and stupid
A committed sinner willing to do anything to please myself

Jesus died for me, He did it with premeditation
Living a life of purity
Learning to bend His knee in service
The King of Glory shouldered my burden of sin
He carried it for 33 years
Imagine my pain when I’m inconvenienced 3 minutes
Jesus died for me, He did it with determination
He worked with His family until he was 30
They didn’t know who He was
Our king was simply their brother
His life a joy, He rejoiced in obeying His Father
Then for 3 years He labored with 12 and one of them a devil

His time came and He went to the Cross
Cruelly beaten and bloodied
Beaten to the edge of His life
He needed help to carry His cross
He spoke no words as He suffered
He quietly spoke
Forgive them for they know not what they do
Jesus died for me
Three days and by the Power of God He rose from the grave
He shared His love with me
He offered His life to me
I said yes, please Lord Help me, I am poor and needy
He forgave my sin
He gave me life, He saved me from my sin and broke the chains that bound me
Jesus lives for me, Seated at the right hand of the Father
Jesus lives in me, The Holy Spirit empowering me to live
Now I live my life in Christ, Jesus saves me

Clay Corvin, Rome, Italy
September 27, 2019