Be who you are, not who they say
We never know who they are, always limiting what we do
I suggest it is culture, they, be careful and listen to God
They don’t know, you do, because you walk with Jesus

Be the person God created, give Him your soul
Bend the knee in desperation, All of me Lord, take me
When I succeed, You are my success, it isn’t who I am
I am yours and belong to YOU, help me Lord in my unbelief

Be the one that pleases Him, be with Him, all of you
Focus on His presence, let Him give you grace
Fitting you to be with Him, His Word is your strength
Know that the Lord is near and He will not desert you

Be the servant most often seen, by the angels at His throne
Talk, laugh, listen, wait, and you will know, the Lord is God and there is not other
That knowledge will encourage you to know Him better
The more you know Him, the more you will be like yourself

Be fearless as you live today, that is all we have
Do not let hell’s lie make you think you are alone
You are not alone, the Lord is here with us right now
He will heal your hurts, listen to your pain, Jesus will not shun you

Be a planner, doing each day as He says, letting Jesus reconcile
All those things you don’t know and will never know
Yet sometimes causing you to stumble, stand on the rock, Jesus
Give Him every fear, You count with Jesus, let Him have your burdens

Be like Jesus, He did only what the Father said, Jesus listened well
Take time to listen, let the Father share His heart with you
Set aside the encumbrances of this world and spend time with Him
The Lord is always good, He loves you and wants to spend time with you

Elijah was so excited about the Lord’s victory on Carmel, he ran just ahead of Ahab’s chariot
Jezebel scared Elijah, Ahab did not rebuke her, no one did evil like her
Trust in the Lord, turn to Him and He will not disappoint you
You will know Him and power of His presence and the trustworthiness of His LOVE

CC 5/30/09