You’ve heard your master’s voice
Come follow me
You know He’s speaking to you
It takes your choice
Be glad

The Gospel is His calling
Would that all might come
Many are there to hear from you
You are His choice
Be Glad

Now we know so little
Even the brightest miss out
Jesus came to forgive us
His Word is our concern
Be glad

Today is all we have
Tomorrow never comes
Speak the truth of Jesus
With love and concern
Be glad

Those that hear may spurn you
Some choose to spit
Still they must hear about
The God whose love we need
Be glad

Happy are the children
That do what Christ has done
Caring for others
Sharing God’s Word
Be Glad

One day soon
Today will fly away
You will stand in His presence
Well done He will say
Be glad

Clay Corvin
Rome-Hotel Lancelot