A babe was born
On a lonely night
Like someone scorned
Yet He came for me

I wasn’t there
I was full of despair
Finding my way
Using each day

He knew my pain
He shared my name
Poverty and desperation
Called out for me

A cave and rags
His mother afraid
Joseph stood strong
He knew God was home

Then shepherds came
With marvelous joy
God had come
What wonderful news

In Jerusalem they said
Redemption is here
They didn’t know
His death would make it so

Shiloh had come
Herod was gone
The king was here
God was near

The magi worshipped
Praising the king
They were pagans
God made them sing

His life began
As any man
Perfection His road
Death foretold

He died for me
He set me free
Praise this Babe
His life God gave

CC 12/19/04