Babe of Bethlehem, Born in a manger, scorned by men
Poverty His choice, He was committed to following the Father
All around the Romans ruled, their way or the highway or worse

Mary great with child, Joseph devoted
Traveling to their ancestral home, Mary came due
Jesus was born, it says that Mary gave birth

How strong are you today? Are you willing to serve God
Will you let your morals be questioned by everyone?
Obviously and apparently condemning you even to death?

Mary stood in the face of accusations, her pregnancy condemning her
Joseph believed God and loved Mary, His faith was strong
What love, what devotion, two great servants of the Lord High God

Jesus came into to this world, born of a woman
Both of His earthly parents were radical believers in the Lord
By faith they conquered the slings and arrows of fate

Jesus is alive today, Seated at the right hand of the Father
The Babe of Bethlehem grew up in the house of Joseph
His life is God’s example to us of how we too can live a life of faith

Clay Corvin December 20, 2014