Evil is worse than we think
It stands in line to destroy
Lining up our weakness
Seeking to control

Satan knows our pathways
He is a deceiver from old
Always ready to lead us
Down roads we shouldn’t go

Everyone is a victim
Of sin’s evil swath
Overcome by blindness
We never see its stain

I need a cure
A new heart
And to be pure
And Jesus makes us new

Jesus destroys sin
He paid the price for us to go in
Into the room where the Father sits
I can have fellowship with Him

Christ enables wisdom
That I might grow
Becoming equipped to serve Him
To be used of the Lord to show

Show the world a solution
To its trouble and strife
A new life will be a blessing
It relates us to Christ

Now each day I serve Him
Peace begins my walk
The Lord of all is in me
He gives me His all